IUOE Local 406 Apprenticeship Program

50713 Hwy 445

Loranger , La 70446


Schedule for 03/28/2020 NCCCO Written exam:

1.)        Feb. 29th, 2020 we will cover core information, OSHA regulations, ASME standards, Powerline hazards, Operations, Technical knowledge, and Set up.

Class will begin @ 7 AM


2.)        March 14th, 2020 we will cover load charts on the cranes that you have selected to test on. The cranes that you select on your application will be the crane that you will test on.

 Class will begin @ 7 AM


3.)        March 28th, 2020 will be the test day I suggest you be here for 7 AM. NCCCO will arrive approx 7:30. Calculators will be provided by NCCCO .

Test will begin @ 8AM

Your application will be emailed to you and you will need to email the application back to BOTH hpierce@iuoelocal406.org & ckaiser@iuoelocal406.org


Please also remember to send your photos to BOTH hpierce@iuoelocal406.org & ckaiser@iuoelocal406.org .

When sending the photos by email enter in the subject line you name and date of birth so we can send it to NCCCO

Note: All applications must be at the office by Feb. 28th , 2020 and anything received after Feb. 28th , 2020 will be returned to you by mail.



Note: Debit & Credit cards ( American Express , MasterCard , and Visa) may not be processed until approximately two weeks before the test .

You should also receive a confirmation letter by mail from NCCCO within a week before the test day , bring this with you . You should not need it unless any issues occur . If you do not receive your confirmation letter within the week before the test please contact the training site @ 985-542-4322


Thank you ,

Craig M Kaiser